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Zucklight Sleepbox

by admin

The fella who started Facebook, Mr Suckerblurt, has a wife who’s a paediatrician – which we think means she works on people’s feet.

Anyway, Mrs S struggles a bit with the sleeping thing. Even though she’s a doctor an’ that, it seems checking the time is a bit beyond her. Mr S, being a total techhead, came up with an incredible idea: a box with a light in the bottom!

The light comes on and glows gently between 6.00am and 7.00am, so if Dr S wakes up and sees a bit of glow she knows it’s time jump out of the sack and get the tin lids ready for another day. No light means she’s good to roll over and keep socking away the zeds.

That’s it. That’s the whole idea. Of course, the wooden box with a light in it has wireless charging as well as built-in sensors that measure carbon dioxide levels, the temperature in the room and the level of humidity. ’Cos you want to know that stuff when you roll over blearyeyed wondering what time it is. If knocking together some offcuts of MDF and dropping a phone in it is beyond you, log on to www.zlight.com. The ‘Prime’ model with the woodgrain finish goes for a whopping US$104.

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