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HHB25 Honda Blower

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There is no doubt Honda has refined its blower to make it the best at, well, blowing.

If you’re looking for an economical, powerful blower that will undoubtedly keep gardens, parks, stadiums and streets neat and tidy all year round, check out the HHB25 Honda Blower.

One of the best things about Honda’s HHB25 is that it’s super lightweight, being the first of its kind to pack a 4-stroke engine. The 4-stroke engine is easy to start and easy to own – and never underestimate the convenience of unleaded petrol. Not having to mix oil and fuel is such a relief.

The 4-stroke power provides a wind velocity of 70m/ sec – that’s 252kph – and it will throw out an air volume of 630m³/h! It’s certainly powerful and efficient, but the major highlight is it’s so quiet. You can thank superior engineering for that, as the HHB25 produces less noise than its competitors, so your neighbours will be grateful you chose the Honda.

It features airflow cruise control too, which means you can maintain engine speed without having to hold the trigger. That’s excellent if you need to use it for long periods. The bonus is its ultra-compact, lightweight design means it only weighs 5kg, and the vibration-isolating rubberised handgrip also means you’ll get more done with less fatigue.

The HHB25 has an adjustable air-velocity control, so you can choose just the right level of power you need. With an airstream of up to 70m/sec, it ensures fallen leaves won’t be back.

Well, at least until next autumn.

Just squeeze the throttle lever to adjust the variable speed, then use the cruise control lever to lock the engine at either a fast or slow airstream.

For the ultimate blower backed by the quality you know you’ll get from a Honda, check out the HHB25 today.

For more information visit www.powerequipment. honda.com.au

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