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Yamaha TTN 503B Musiccast Vinyl 500 Wireless Turntable

by admin

The idea of going back to vinyl records makes us want to stage a demonstration march through a capital city and risk thousands of people’s health and the economy of the nation to highlight our narrow self interests.

But that’s just us.

If you’re dead-set keen on scratchy music and missing large sections of a track every time someone bumps the table, the Yamaha TTN503B MusicCast Vinyl 500 wireless turntable is the way to do it.

Not only is the turntable wireless, it’ll connect to Spotify and other streaming services so you can appear normal if anyone visits.

As far as spinning vinyl goes – assuming the record hasn’t warped because the sun came in through a window one time – a straight tonearm and belt-drive motor combine with multiroom technology to wirelessly stream music to different areas of the home via an app. The Yammie can then be paired to other devices and speakers via AirPlay or Bluetooth with a range of up to 10 metres.

Geez. It’s almost like no-one needs vinyl any more (NO-ONE DOES!). If you’re after the pure sound only can vinyl give – before the stylus skates across and gouges a huge crevasse through the fragile material the first time you try and listen to the Abba album you found at an inner-city flea-market or school fete – you might as well get a good one. Drop in to Harvey Norman and grab a TTN503B. Recommended retail is around $900.

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