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Durability, reliability and proven off-road capability in a quiet, compact and nimble four-seater…Yamaha may well have nailed the ultimate mates’ or family getaway machine and disguised it as a work vehicle.

Yamaha’s new off-roader can take four adul ts of f- road exploring. The Wolverine X4 features smooth, quiet power from an all-new, 847cc, twin mounted in a compact, nimble chassis. The cab has stow-away, full-size rear seats, so if it’s a solo mission there’s plenty of room for fishing gear, camping kit, or whatever clobber needs to be hauled to the favourite adventure location. If it’s a bunch of mates or the cheese’n’kisses and the tin lids off for a day of picnicking and fun, just whack those rear seats up and get moving.


Yamaha Real World Tech features include On-Command four-wheel drive, Ultramatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) and speed-sensitive Electric Power Steering (EPS). Advanced self-levelling rear shocks provide a plush ride as well as help maintain optimised ground clearance based on the terrain and cargo. And built for all weather situations, the Wolverine X4 is the only four-seat SSV to feature a true, full-hard-cab option available direct from the manufacturer.


The X4’s DOHC, eight-valve, parallel twin-cylinder motor has forged pistons and con rods to ensure durable high-RPM performance, and the 270-degree crankshaft timing gives a very linear torque delivery and a feeling very similar to a V-twin. There’s power right through the rev range and plenty of it.

The dry-sump donk means a very compact layout, and an offset cylinder block reduces friction loss while rubber engine mounts and a geared counterbalancer all but eliminate vibration both at idle and throughout the rev range. Power delivery is smooth thanks to Yamaha’s Chip Controlled-Throttle (YCC-T), a new drive-by-wire set up, and an innovative ‘high-response’ servo motor for ultra-fast throttle response, 12-hole fuel-injectors, and a high-volume airbox with two-stage air filtration.

From a safety point of view, the Wolverine X4 comes standard with a new speed-management system which limits the vehicle to a top speed of 40kmh by simply turning a removable key. That’s a big plus for when the weekend’s over and the Yammie has to cover work sites and other specialised operating conditions.


Additional features include Yamaha’s exclusive Ultramatic transmission – the most advanced and durable CVT drive system available – and On-Command 4WD giving drivers control over switching between 2WD, limited-slip 4WD, and a fully locked differential 4WD. Electronic power steering gives a great balance of steering assist and positive feedback, and new self-levelling rear shocks automatically adjust to changes in vehicle load, maintaining optimum ground clearance and eliminating the need for shock preload adjustment. The system is completely self-contained and requires no compressors or electric motors. The motion of the vehicle itself pressurises the shock’s internal valves for an ideal chassis setup on every ride.

With an upswept underbody design, wide arc A-arms, and an overall 27.2cm of ground clearance, this buggy boasts ideal approach and departure angles to cope with tough terrain. Independent double-wishbone suspension with preload-adjustment means it handles the tough stuff with ease.

Large, 207mm vented disc brakes with two-piston calipers pull the beast up and make it feel easy.


In addition to comfortably seating up to four adventure-seeking adults, the Yammie features an exclusive storage system with

folding and sliding rear seats, and the cargo bed area is capable of carrying up to 270kg while the rig is rated for a full 907kg of towing via a 50mm receiver hitch.


Thanks to spiral and helical cut drivetrain gearing, the X4’s rubber-mounted and counterbalanced engine is one of the smoothest and quietest SSV vehicles ever built.

The passenger-centric cab features four high-backed seats, each with shoulder bolsters and automotive-style three-point seat belts. Additional cab comforts for up to four full-size adults include multiple cup holders (two front, four rear), high-traction floorboards, and both driver seat and steering column are adjustable.

There’s nearly 600 watts of electrical output from the engine, two standard 12V DC ports, four pre-wired accessory switches, fully-enclosed doors, high, wide fenders, LED headlights and taillights.

A new LCD digital meter features a large dimmable display, with speedometer, odometer, trip and hour meters, along with vehicle status and warning displays.

The Wolverine X4 delivers the durability, reliability and superior build quality off-road enthusiasts have come to expect from Yamaha. Designed, engineered, manufactured and tested in the real world, Wolverine X4 allows owners to confidently realise their off-road adventures with family and friends.

The Wolverine X4 is available as an SE model in Matt Silver only – fitted with overfenders, painted bodywork, colour-matched interior and shock springs, and cast aluminium wheels.

Get down to your nearest Yamaha dealer – or send the boss down there – and check one out.

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