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Wrong Tool, Wrong Consumable And Wrong Process Cost Money

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Don’t get caught up in cheap tools. Cheap tools and consumables can often end up costing you money because of a poor finish, slow production and safety concerns.

Suhner Abrasives is all about making sure customers consider all three elements of a process when they undertake a metal-finishing job.

Suhner has never been ‘just about the sale’ when it comes to metal-polishing tools and abrasives. Over the past 25 years in Australia and 100 years internationally, Suhner has learnt a customer is really a ‘partner’ in trying to achieve a result as economically and technically well as possible.

Suhner manufactures hand tools designed specifically to give the quickest and best finish for a particular application. There is no compromise, so the tradesman can be assured he has the best tool for the job.

The wide range of abrasive products ensure Suhner always has exactly the right product available to make a process as efficient as possible. Also, the highly trained sales engineers can actually assist with a job by demonstrating the best way and ensuring you can effectively combine the tool, abrasive and method to achieve the desired outcome.

So next time you pick up a cheap tool, please remember it may end up costing you money due to a poor finish, slow production and even safety issues.

All Suhner’s electric power tools are approved to the Australia/NZ required standards. Non-approved tools carry the risk of nullifying insurance, among a whole host of other issues.

For a full consultation on all your metal-finishing needs, contact Suhner on (02) 9648 5888  email [email protected]

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