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Worlds First BMX Triple Back Flip

by admin

If you have been watching the news recently you would have seen 24 year old Kiwi Jed Mildon complete the world’s first BMX triple back flip.

Even though this video has already got more viewers than the entire population of New Zealand (5m and rising) we feel it’s only right to give someone of this extremeness a mention of the WTW page.

Although the man from New Zealand made this stunt look easy, before you go into the garage to dust off that old BMX you used to ride up and down the street think again. Jed told reporters that he had actually dreamed about dying trying to complete this stunt which would have put most people off the idea straight away.

It’s having an attitude like this that earns Jed a small section of cyber space on the WTW page. After all that is what WTW is all about, an extreme sports and lifestyle magazine for tradies.

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Hope you enjoy the new issue.

WTW Team

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