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Working With Steel Frames?

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According to Australian Construction Insights, as of September 2018, lightweight steel represents approximately 14% of residential structural framing. Fast forward to June 2021, and with the influences of the Australian bushfires of 2019-20, COVID 19 and other environmental and economic factors, lightweight steel construction has been in many cases the answer to an evergrowing timber shortage across Australia.

Building successfully in steel requires a carefully selected combination of the right products, optimised design, and specialised engineering, making the ICCONS® Structnail® range of innovative steel-frame fasteners a game changer in this space.

The Structnail®, Gripshank™ SuperSharpy™ branded nails are specifically designed and engineered for installation for a wide range of materials and provide excellent pull-out loads into steel frame sections as thin as 0.55mm.

The engineered SuperSharpy™ point and Gripshank™ knurling create an instant fused connection that is impressively simple. Paired with a regular 15-degree pneumatic nail gun, users find installation speed that is unmatched by traditional screw or riveting systems.

Features and benefits of using Structnail® include:
• Pneumatic driven for rapid and easy install
• Helical design for high performance in steel
• Standard collation to fit multiple 15-degree coil nailer brands
• Engineered point for fastening into 0.55mm to 2.5mm steel
• PT2000™ coating for external applications to category 3 ensuring warranty
• Made in the USA
• 6-8 times faster instal lation than conventional methods
• No pre-drilling required
• Approved with industry leading cladding systems such as James Hardie™ and Weathertex™
• Per fect for both on-si te and of fsite installation (prefab steel frame construction).

ICCONS® Structnail ®, Gr ipshank™ Supersharpy™ come complete wi th approvals for use with major players in the cladding space – James Hardie™ and Weathertex™ product specifications can be found in their technical supplements online.

ICCONS®, as a member of the National
Association of Steel-Framed Housing (NASH), continues to work alongside industry leaders and develop more eff icient approved-fastening solutions for builders.

For more information or an onsite demonstration on how Structnail® can help with your next steel-frame project, simply get in touch with your loca l ICCONS® representative via the website: www.iccons.com.au

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