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Wölf Tools Range

by editor

In only four short years, WöLF Tools has changed the hand-tool landscape in Australia. WöLF’s premium-quality tools are designed specifically for Australian tradies and the range has now grown to over 200 products.

WöLF’s mantra is ‘efficiency, durability, performance, quality’ and that’s what the Aussie trade expect from its hand tools.

Since its recent launch, WöLF’s Long Handled Nut Riveter has been a huge hit with Australian tradies.

This versatile tool allows for the creation of a threaded fixing point in a huge range of flat metal surfaces. Along with the nut riveter, it comes with 7 different size mandrels and 70 rivet nuts, so it’s a onebox solution for in the work van or ute.

Another favourite in the WöLF range is the Camo folding knife. It’s a great all-round knife, handy at work and on the weekend. It’s got a sharp, 95mm,stainless-steel blade with black finish, and a camo wrapped handle. The blade is kept safely in place with its locking mechanism and can be easily secured onto a belt or in a pocket with its clip.

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