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Wire Tek 1001 Easyset Mole Eliminator Trap

by editor

Someone should send one of these to the Reverend Fred Nile. We heard he doesn’t like moles.

Seriously, though. Those little burrowing bastards can be a bit of a pest – the rodents, not the politicians. Although…

In any case, the only Aussie mole we could find was a quirky looking little bugger called the Southern Marsupial Mole. Southy lives in the middle of West Aussie and doesn’t even dig any true burrows. He kind of paddles along through the sand in an environmentally friendly way and doesn’t bother anyone. He scoffs down the occasi onal unfortunate lizard or grub, but who among us hasn’t done that for a dare after a few Bundies at a mate’s grand-final barby?

The Americans have a real problem with moles and have some nasty, mo le-mangl ing t raps which we’re not keen on, but DickSmith.com.au is selling this one for $115, and if that true-blue Aussie and all-round battler reckons they’re okay, we thought we should at least show it to you.

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