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Winter Blues Getting You Down?

by admin

Are the winter blues getting you down?

Fear not, WTW mag is here to cheer you up.

Don’t you miss those warm summer nights already? Riding your BMX down a dirt track hitting a ramp at full speed and landing in a lake?

We always like to show you the latest and greatest insane videos hitting the web, so have a look at this bunch of crazy people and it should keep your extreme candle burning throughout the winter months.

These Americans make this stunt look easy but don’t be fooled, a week before this was filmed someone broke their neck!

Keep your eyes peeled for more extreme videos being posted by WTW and don’t forget to check out our ‘TradieTough Tests’ where we put some of the leading tool brands through some of the toughest tests imaginable.

WTW Team – GKM

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