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What’s in August WTW?

by admin

We have put the finishing touches to another issue of WTW and are super excited to see the magazine in the flesh. It’s our biggest issue ever! As usual it’s full of all the good stuff like fishing, 4×4, dirtbikes, surfing, snowboarding and motorsport.

In fact we managed to jam four of these key pillars into one fine day!

Kicking off with a surf in the morning, we then drove – via 4×4 trails – to Thredbo and hit the slopes. Next we drove up to Dead Horse Gap and skated back down the road into the pub at Thredbo. Needless to say, the beers tasted damn good that night. There will be video of our trip out soon and a full writeup in the August issue.

Make sure you grab your copy to check it out along with all the other action! You’ll find:

Safe Spearfishing:The art of hunting your dinner and eating like a king.

Third World Mining: You’ll never feel bad about your job again after reading this.

Adventure Riding: A trip out to Cameron Corner, where NSW, SA and QLD meet.

Human Flight: People who fly for a living, using only the elements

Tradie Tough Tests: Malco Turbo Shears, Hot Devil Blowtorches, Sutton Hacksaws, Einhell Red

+ Motorsport / Cool Gadgets / Industry News and more!

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