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Welcome To The Knife You’d Make If You Weren’t Busy Making Other Things

by editor

Sharper, smarter and more durable knives for pros.

Fiskars Pro range of utility knives features technology and design to make cutting tasks easier on the worksite and around your home.

Each Fiskars Pro knife includes a CarbonMax™ coating which keeps blades sharp for 24x longer than competitors’ standard blades.

Designed with pros in mind, the Fiskars Pro series of knives also includes the best blade security. Accidental blade release is prevented by an improved locking system, without compromising the user’s blade-change speed. Audio and visual locking cues and smarter button placement also allow ease of use. Tabs inside the knife ensure the blade won’t pull out when twisted.

Ergonomics are improved and multiple grips provide comfort regardless of hand position, while the Softgrip™ handle, with strategic texture, enhances comfort. Easy-access buttons on the side enhance the ease of use.

Folding Utility Knife
• Foldable blade mechanism for compact storage and portability
• Dual-locking system prevents accidental blade release without sacrificing blade-change speed
• Knife opens with the flick of a wrist
• Two-blade storage capacity.

Retractable Utility Knife
• Features a retractable-blade mechanism that prevents accidental blade retraction
• Knife easily hinges open for blade change
• Five-blade storage capacity.

Snap-off Utility Knives
• Front-loading blade change with no loose parts
• An integrated segment snapper captures used blades
• Available in 18mm and 26mm sizes.

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