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Want A Website? Optus My Bizonline – The easy way to get your business online.

by admin

Let’s face it, as Tradies, we don’t really like spending time on our computers and to be honest, we just get very little time to even consider it. Come late arvo after a tough day on site (the job site that is, not the website!), the last thing we want to do is spend hours in front of a screen… But we all know it’s important to have a decent website so we can compete and bring in new business. If the terms “HTML Code” and “Search Engine Optimisation” are about as French to you as “vous plaisantez”, and you’re as time-poor as we are, then Optus My BizOnline could be your saving grace when it comes to hassle-free websites that take the sting out of your online woes.

In as little as 15 minutes Optus My BizOnline can get you fired up on a hassle-free, easy-to-use and smart-phone friendly website! Yep, it’s as simple as visiting their website so you can either DIY or request a call from someone who can do it for you. Once they’ve collected some company details they can bring your business into the digital-age with a new website or replace your old hard-to-use one. They’ll take on the designing, the hosting, and the copywriting… all the dirty work, leaving you to spend your afternoons with the family or with a cold one in hand, happy knowing that your business is making moves into the digital world! Sounds like our kind of arvo.

For more information, visit the Optus My BizOnline website now.

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