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Walltech Storage System

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Walltech storage system

New to the Australian market, the Wall tech Storage System comes in two different solutions. The white range is designed to solve your storage problems around the home or office, and the black Walltech range is designed for workshops, garages and similar work areas.

Based on Walltech’s unique wall rack system of clip-on grids, hooks and shelves, the new modular storage innovation is not only quick and easy to install, but is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

Walltech can be installed in as little as 60 seconds, proving to be a quick and easy solution for all storage needs.

The Walltech white range comes with an assortment of baskets, shelves and various-sized hooks. The storage system can be expanded to fit any area and a clever mini spirit level is provided on both ranges for quick and easy installation. An added feature to the Walltech white range is the sliding brackets, allowing the installation of a series of sliding baskets. These baskets come in various widths and depths.

Walltech offers various starter kits to commence your project and can be expanded as needed.

The black Walltech Garage range also offers a variety of basket and shelf sizes. As with the white range, a magnetic spirit level is supplied to ensure a quick and accurate installation.

Walltech black also has a number of starter kits to choose from. One is a starter pack consisting of a grid, hooks, tool shelf and perforated metal pegboard.

Another innovative product is the Walltech Wine Rack starter kit. This wine rack can store up to 15 bottles and comes with short rails and three bottle racks. This can also be expanded to whatever size is required.

The Walltech Storage System can be mounted on to plaster, concrete, timber and more by various mounting methods. With a hold power of up to 200kg this will surely impress and provide a permanent storage solution.

A first to the Australian market, the new Walltech storage range will truly amaze.

Call the Melbourne office on (03) 9775 0713 to speak to a Walltech consultant

You can also view a list of distributors on the Walltech website.

For more information visit www.walltechaustralia.com.au

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