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Wacaco Minipresso NS Portable Pod Espresso Machine

by admin

The editor went a bit mental when he saw this one. No wait…he’s like that all the time.

But he is a serious caffeine consumer, and for people like him a portable outfit like this is a must-have. Good for in the car or on the bike – or just about anywhere, really – the Wacaco is compact and lightweight and doesn’t use compressed air or gas cartridges. Just wack in the pod, pour in some hot H2O and pump away.

Yeah. You spotted the drawback: you have to have some boiling water laying around handy. But that’s no biggee. Most of us can organise a steaming cup of hydrogen and oxygen atoms mixed 2:1 in most situations.

Is it just us? Does the pic of the Wacaco look a little rude and uncomfortable somehow?

Get yourself one from Supercheap Auto for $84.99.

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