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VICTA® UNVEILS Its First Robotic Lawn Mower

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A freshly mowed lawn has never been easier to attain, thanks to the latest offering from Victa’s first robotic mower.

Designed for effortless maintenance, it’s the mower that works for you – literally.

The best feature lies in its ability to simply get the job done with a battery-powered motor so quiet it can run at night, but it also has an easy-to-use LCD touch screen display to navigate a host of programmable features, including mowing frequency and time of day as well as adjustable cutting height for desired grass length.

It boasts bump sensors to steer around unexpected obstacles, as well as a rain sensor. If it starts to rain the mower will simply return to the docking station and wait until the rain has passed before it heads back out to complete the task.

The docking station, which also doubles as a recharge station, is the start and end point for the mower. The mower will release from the docking station when it’s time to mow and find its way back when the job is done. Additionally, it will recognise when the battery is running low and take itself back to the docking station to charge. The lithium powered battery enables up to an hour battery life.

The RM100 is designed to tackle terrain up to a 21-degree slope and cover areas up to 600m². Setting the lawn area for mowing is simply a case of outlining the area with the included boundary wires. It will then cut in a random pattern until the whole area has been covered.

It comes complete with a PIN to operate and an anti-theft alarm.

The mower includes a 2-year domestic limited warranty* as well as customer care and online content support.

The Victa Robot Mower RM100 is available from $1299 RRP through Victa Gold Dealers and select Bunnings stores. Additionally, for a limited time Victa is offering a FREE Victa Robot Mower Garage with every Victa Robot Mower purchase**.

*Terms and Conditions apply, go to www.victa.com.au for more information.

**Offer via redemption only. Valid from 1 September 2020 – 30 June 2021.

For more information or product support visit www.victa.com.au.

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