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VICTA The Power You Need To Get The Job Done

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Victa’s commercial mowers are designed with lawn-care professionals in mind.

Victa Commercial Vanguard mowers work hard to get the job done faster and easier, and for longer. Each mower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton high-performance Vanguard engine packed full of innovative features, making them premium-grade.

Heavy power loads are no problem with the forged crank designed to protect against them while the moly-coated piston resists engine abrasion and wear, as do the plasma-coated rings. Wear resistance and oil control is improved with a dura bore cast-iron sleeve.

Victa Commercial Vanguard mowers will keep on mowing thanks to the Briggs & Stratton Pro-Intake hi-zone micro filter that boasts dual, premium-grade, pre-cleaner filters. This pro-intake dual-filtration system ensures air is drawn from high up on the handle, and away from dirt and debris, for a longer engine life.

Available in two models, push or self-propelled, Victa Commercial Vanguard mowers also come with Ready Start technology which needs no prime or choke, so it’s as easy as a smooth pull-start. Comfort is taken care of with an ergonomic, height-adjustable, side-mount-reinforced, 25mm handle, while the durable 19″ high-pressure die-cast alloy chassis includes a high-impact bumper and inbuilt handle for lifting.

For more information, visit http://victa.com.au

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