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VENT-A-ROOF® from Lysaght

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There’s no doubting the benefits of roof ventilation, especially in a country like Australia with its extremely hot summers, and in some states, year-round heat. Just a few days of moderate to high temperatures can result in heat build-up, and that becomes trapped in the roof cavity as the sun beats down, while warm air from inside the house also rises.

Flicking the switch to the aircon is usually the first course of action when the temperature rises, but it’s not the best one. Running air conditioning for long periods isn’t cheap, and for those with ducted systems – which are often routed through ceiling spaces – efficiency is lost because the cool air moving through the ducting ends up cooling the ceiling cavity rather than just the living spaces.

Good ventilation is also needed in the cooler months when humid air can get caught in roof cavities – if there’s no escape, it gradually turns to liquid, clinging to timber trusses and moistening insulation and plaster, which can lead to damage.

What if there was an easy-to-install system that could help to cool roof cavities leading to a cooler building in summer, while also providing airflow during lower temperatures to minimise condensation?

It would be even better if it was a ‘passive’ solution that didn’t need energy to do the job.

The concept of passive ventilation isn’t new with a number of systems available on the market. None are quite like VENT-A-ROOF®, though, available from Lysaght.

VENT-A-ROOF® is a concealed roofventilation system that uses the power of natural airflow to ventilate residential, commercial and light-industrial buildings with metal rooves. It’s installed under traditional ridges, hips and barges, making it extremely versatile while not leaving rooflines with ugly bolt-on systems. And because VENT-A-ROOF® has no moving parts, it’s completely silent.

“VENT-A-ROOF® uses the same principles as other natural ventilation systems. As the roof space heats, hot air is drawn towards the highest natural point and expelled through the VENT-A-ROOF® integrated louvre and down the pan creating a passive, natural and continuous flow of air,” Lysaght National Specification Manager, Tony Jamieson, explained.

“At the same time, any positive airflow across the ridge of the roof creates a negative pressure which pulls air out from the ridge vent and brings in fresh air from intake vents in the eaves or below. Basically, the two thermal effects create a continuous flow of air, allowing cool air into the roof space and extracting hot air.”

According to Tony, another benefit for building owners – and installers – is that the two-piece VENT-A-ROOF® system is cost effective to install and much easier to fit than comparable ventilation systems, plus needs little to no maintenance.

“Installers will really appreciate the fact that, unlike products such as wind-driven rotary ventilation systems, VENT-A-ROOF® doesn’t need any penetrations of the roof – this avoids leaks, maintenance issues and call-backs. It also means a faster install because there’s no need for flashings,” he said.

As with all Lysaght products, builders and installers can rest easy knowing VENT-AROOF ® has been developed for demanding Australian conditions and extensively tested here. The system is BAL and Cyclone-rated, meets ‘Form 15’ compliance, and is compliant with 2019 NCC ventilation requirements.

For strength and durability, the external facing components of VENT-A-ROOF® are made from 0.4mm Next Generation ZINCALUME® steel and are also available in all COLORBOND® steel colours, making the system not only effective, but providing perfect integration within the roof for a clean look.

VENT-A-ROOF® is available nationally from all Lysaght branches or visit lysaght.com/vent-a-roof.

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