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Vaughan Hammers

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For the past 150 years, the dedication and innovation of five generations of Vaughan family and craftsmen have been bringing the best American-made hammers to market. Proudly made in the USA from American raw materials, Vaughan hammers are built for construction and designed for deconstruction. From handle to head, industry-standard hammer features have been derived from Vaughan’s design innovations. This passion has ensured Vaughan remains one of the world’s largest manufacturers of striking tools, and a commitment to constant improvement and extensive field testing has produced legendary, exceptional-value tools for now and for generations to come.

When choosing a hammer, you’re buying an extension of your arm, so it’s critical the tool is up to the task. Fully forged from solid steel, Vaughan hammers are superbly balanced and designed for a comfortable swing, which is critically important for repetitive tasks and for high accuracy. The state-of-the-art heat-treating process and patented Shock Blok technology ensure precisely the right hardness for each application as well as minimal recoil, with the remaining vibration absorbed by the hammer’s unique air-cushioned grip.

For a hammer that’ll last as long as what you’re building, find the Vaughan range in your local Bunnings starting at $42.45.


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