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Vaughan Hammers

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Legendary tools with unrivalled value.

Vaughan is the largest manufacturer of striking tools in the world, and with 150 years’ experience the company knows a thing or two about making a great hammer. Every hammer produced is still made by hand, hand forged & hand grinded, in the USA.

Built To Last

Fully forged from solid steel, Vaughan hammers are superbly balanced and designed for a comfortable swing, critically important for repetitive tasks and for high accuracy. With a secret heat-treating process, the three zones in the hammer – the strike face, claw, and eye – each have precisely the right hardness and toughness for the different jobs they must do. What does this mean to you? These hammers will last as long as what you’re building.

Vaughan’s patented Shock Bl ok technology features in its 20oz, 24oz and 28oz steel hammers. This sees a piece of hickory and rubber inserted into the head of the hammer, reducing recoil coming up the arm. The rest of the vibration is absorbed by the hammer’s unique air-cushioned grip.

Pro Bars

In addition to its leading striking tools, Vaughan has recently launched its 12″ Stubby Bar and 15″ Super Bar in Bunnings nationally. Both bars feature three bevelled nail slots and ‘Shepherd’s Crook’ rocker heads for maximum prying power, and both are made in the USA from forged, spring-tempered steel for heavy-duty use.

Check out Vaughan’s range at your local Bunnings.

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