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Vaughan 24oz Hammer

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Legendary tools with unrivalled value, Vaughan’s hammers will last as long as what you’re building.

Fully hand-forged from solid steel in the USA, Vaughan hammers are superbly balanced and designed for a comfortable swing which is critically important for repetitive tasks and high accuracy. With a secret heat-treating process, the three zones in the hammer – the strike face, claw and eye – each have precisely the right hardness for the different jobs they must do. The double-bevelled claw slips easily under nail heads close to timber surfaces and equally works to grip nails of all sizes. The bevelled strike face reduces the chance of chipping around the face, making it safer to use, and the properly crowned striking face automatically corrects off-centre strikes, driving nails flush without marring the wood surface and minimising nail deflection and bending.

Vaughan’s patented Shock Blok technology features in its popular 24oz, 20oz and 28oz steel hammers. This sees a piece of hickory and rubber inserted into the head of the hammer which reduces recoil coming up the arm. The rest of the vibration is absorbed by the hammer’s unique aircushioned grip.

As the largest manufacturer of striking tools in the world, and with 150 years’ experience, Vaughan knows a thing or two about making a great hammer and incredible value. Find the 24oz range at your local Bunnings.


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