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V8 Supercars Monopoly

by editor

V8 Supercars has never been the same since Lowndsey got cornholed off the Triple 8 team and Skaifey and The Enforcer started being nice to each other.

But still, it’s V8 Supercars. It’s part of our heritage and as Aussie as an anti-vaxxer protest outside an old-folks home during a worldwide pandemic.

Hot on the heels of the Movember Monopoly game we showed you a couple of issues ago, the folks at Winning Moves, Monopoly’s Aussie distributors, have joined up with Supercars to offer a beaut new version of the board game which is nearly as old as Larry Perkins.

The real estate of the original game has been replaced with race teams and the top hat and so forth have been swapped for a trophy, helmet, spanner and a few other motorsporty things. Apparently it’s even more exciting than that time Crompo’s car sucked in a plastic bag and did not pass go and did not collect a trophy.

Grab a game from places like Repco, Sanity and The Gamesmen for $69.99.

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