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USG Boral SHEETROCK Dust Control Joint Compound

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SHEETROCK Dust Control, USG Boral’s latest joint compound, will help you breathe easier on the job site.

There’s been a lot in the media recently about the impact of airborne respirable dust. Airborne hazards in the workplace, including dust, have been associated with the development of a wide range of respiratory diseases in Australia. While some of these diseases have declined due to greater awareness and control of exposure, the building industry can look for new ways to reduce airborne hazards.

The first of its kind for the Australian building industry, USG Boral ’s SHEETROCK Dust Control joint compound has been designed to control airborne dust when sanding. This adds an extra layer of protection in the Duty Of Care and Chain Of Responsibility for painters, plasterers, builders and other trades on site.

As a manager from one of Australia’s leading fit-out specialists said, “There are a large number of trades on our sites at any time, and anything that can help mitigate dust on site is great.”

Dust Control is a lightweight, premixed finishing compound for use as the final coat over plasterboard joints. This new product has been designed with the health and safety of USG Boral’s customers in mind, and the unique formula works by reducing respirable airborne dust particles during the sanding process to keep lungs, body and work site cleaner.

It’s 25% lighter than USG Boral’s conventional compounds and reduces shrinkage.

Other Benefits of Using Dust Control Are:

  • Reduced contamination of adjacent work and living spaces
  • Better slip, excellent bond
  • Handles easily, good crack-resistance and great adhesion
  • Faster clean-up times with less mess on the job site.

For more information visit www.usgboral.com.au

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