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Upgraded Catchcan From Ryco Now Suits Diesel & Petrol Engines

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For the first time, with the release of the upgraded Catchcan from Ryco Filters – RCC351, there’s a crankcase filter system now available for both diesel and petrol engines.

In what is an increasingly popular bolt-on upgrade for diesel 4WD owners, the fitting of a Catchcan is well known to prevent oil and soot contamination entering a clean air intake system leading to a more efficient engine. What is not so widely known is that a Catchcan is great for high-performance petrol engines as well as turbo-boosted vehicles fuelled by either petrol or diesel as it offers high levels of protection for turbochargers, prevents oil build up in intercoolers and generally keeps engine components much cleaner. 

Designed for ease of fitment, the RCC351 features inlet and outlet ports that can be adjusted in several configurations, enabling it to be mounted to almost any vehicle in a variety of locations

When it comes to the universal mounting system, Ryco’s RCC351 mounting bracket has been developed in Australia for outback conditions. The bracket is tough, e-coated and allows the whole unit to be mounted and unmounted quickly, providing for easy inspection and servicing from awkward locations. Speaking of servicing, a tap has been incorporated into the sump of the filter to allow for easy draining.

For full specs or more information visit www.rycofilters.com.au

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