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Upcart Deluxe All-Terrain Stair-Climbing Folding Cart

by admin

Some serious stuff and some goofy stuff. But all good fun.

We had a bit of a smirk at this one. We would’ve called it ‘a trolley’, or maybe ‘a stair-climber’, but upcart insists it’s a ‘deluxe all-terrain, stair-climbing folding cart’.

It’s not a new idea. Stanley has you-beaut version with the same load rating and it’s a heap cheaper, but this one’s more aimed at keeping in the car or van to haul shopping, barbeque gear and maybe the esky on to the beach.

We’re not totally convinced about the ‘all-terrain’ part of the name, but we’ll take it on trust.

It folds to a depth of just over 10cm, and upcart claims it opens taller and folds smaller than other carts, and that it’s the only stair-climbing cart that folds completely flat.

It’s pretty mind-bending the way the thing folds up. One flip of the wrist and the whole thing seems to disappear into a black hole.

The only aussie retailer we could find was fishpond.com.au, and the site says the product will ship from the us.

Cost is $271, shipping included. The stanley one’s only $85 and you can get one just about anywhere.

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