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Unit Conversion at The Press Of A Button: Bosch GLM 400

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If there is one tool you cannot work without, it’s the Bosch GLM 400 Professional Laser Measure.

Thanks to the GLM 400 Professional rangefinder, measuring distances is no longer time-consuming and inaccurate guesswork. It is a compact, robust and intuitive rangefinder that offers up to 40 metres of measurement range with innovative colour-screen, HMI design, ISO certification and an IP 54-rated protection standard, and ‘conversion at one press’ – an instantaneous solution to convert measurement units at the single press of a button.

Professional workers such as wall painters, floor layers, carpenters, architects and property agents are strongly suggested to work with a GLM Professional in their day-to-day job. Not only does it provide greater convenience, it also saves time and effort compared to traditional measurement methods.

It’s all about convenience and greater confidence, saving tradies time and money. Forget the saying, “Measure twice, cut once.” Accuracy the first time round has never been a safer bet. There’s no more bending and flexing of tape measures or anticipating the violent pull-back on the tape catching your fingers – the GLM 400 is easy to use and provides accurate read-outs. This tool is durable, all while being super light and a tool-belt companion.

Let’s get into the technical stuff:
• The GLM 400 has a measurement range of 0.05m – 40.00m
• Colour display
• Measurement accuracy, typical: +/- 1.5mm (plus use dependant deviation)
• Powered by 2 x 1.5V LR03 (AAA batteries)
• Automatic switch off after no use of 5 minutes
• Light and compact, weighing a mere 0.1kg
• Versatile measurements recorded in: m/cm/mm/ft/inch/ft-inch for meeting daily measuring needs
• IP 54 rated for protection against splash and dust
• Compatible with tripod mount thread ¼”, allowing for a wider variety of applications.

Both rangefinders measure up to 40 metres, however the GLM 400 has the added benefits of a unit-conversion button, colour display, tripod mount (1/4″), and improved memory capacity of up to 15 measurements.

The GLM 400 is also eligible for Bosch’s extended 6-year warranty (through online registration), as part of all Professional Tools, Batteries and Chargers. Knowing Bosch Professional products are backed by 6 years warranty gives peace of mind knowing the GLM 400 does not compromise on reliability and quality and is built for endurance.

Learn more: https://www.bosch-pt.com.au/au/en/ products/glm-400-0601072RK0

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