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Unit Boot-Wash Stand

by editor

Another of the editor’s purchases. We thought it was one of those kneeling-down frames the old folks use – which would make sense with the editor – but then we realised we’ve never seen him kneel down to do any work.

We’ve never seen him do any work at all.

Apparently the idea is to flip dirty boots upside-down on the little curved bits so they can be washed without getting wet inside, and we have to admit we thought that wasn’t such a silly idea after all.

There’s a little handle arrangement so the wet boots on the stand can be picked up and moved into the sun or somewhere to dry, and we were just warming to the idea when the ed said he got his from a local motorcycle dealership for $49.95.

We nearly choked on our lightly seasoned chicken-and-camembert on sourdough! Wouldn’t anyone with half a brain just bend a bit of reo for the job?

Anyone with half a brain would, and that explained why the editor had forked over the $50.

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