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Unisex Merino 200 Oasis Glove Liners

by editor

We’re feeling a bit foolish because we thought these were glove liners for champion merino sheep. We thought how tough our woolly chums have it out in the freezing cold of regional Victoria and NSW, and we thought it was nice someone came up with some comfortwear for the poor little dinnersto- be.

But then we realised: they’re gloves for us. Made from merino wool.

We were left feeling very sheepish indeed.

As it turns out, the Oasis liners are simple, lightweight merino wool gloves for winter layering, featuring 200gm jersey fabric with added LYCRA® for a stretchy, secure fit.

Grab a pair from an outdoor shop like Paddy Pallins or go straight to the icebreaker.com website. A pair of Oasis liners will cost $44.99 plus postage.

We reckon Ice Breaker should do a female giftpack called ‘For Ewe’ and a box of undies for blokes called a ‘Ram set.

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