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Ugears VM2 Bike

by admin

Ugears was established in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2014, and offers unique timber models of wacky but interesting mechanical concepts.

The idea is the models let the builder see the inner workings of the machine and enjoy the old-school world of building and mechanics.

We Love It!

The bike model does roll along, powered by rubber bands, for about three metres, thanks to a belt-drive system stabilised by the wide back wheel. The bike’s direction can be controlled by turning the handlebars and it can be parked for display using the included centre stand.

The kit has 189 laser-cut, colour-coded, wooden pieces, easy-to-follow instructions and is recommended for ages 14 and up. Once the thing is built the dimensions are 25.8cm x 8.4cm x 10.5cm, and the pieces are high-quality plywood. Assembly requires no glue or cutting.

Order from sites like coolthing.com.au and ugearsaustralia.com.au. It should cost around $60 – $65. The company has some mega-cool mechanical models. Check them out on the Ugears website. They’re awesome!

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