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U-Boat Worx C-Researcher 2 Personal Submarine

by admin

We shit you not. Dutch company U-Boat Worx will sell you a personal submarine.

There’s actually a fair few subs in the range, and apparently cruise liners buy ’em so big-money passengers can go down on each other.

Sorry. That was a typo and didn’t make any sense grammatically. We meant down ‘with’ each other.

In any case, there’s little subs for one person at a time or bigger ones for two or even three peeps – see what we did there? ‘Peeps’? Are we, like, modern and everything, or what? – but we liked the C-researcher 2. It’s a two-seater with an operating depth of 2000 metres and uses whizz-bang Pressure-Tolerant Lithium-ion battery technology and an automatic trim weight system.

Best of all, even though we’re using cool words and everything, we still can’t help but get excited about a yellow submarine. It was predicted by that band The VW Beatles back in the 1960s, and now here it is, available to anyone with US$2.5 million or so. Prices vary of course, so log on to uboatworx.com to see which one will suit you best and to place an order.

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