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Tyrepliers 13 -19 Bead Breaker

by admin

The editor’s a big fan Tyrepliers. Lately he’s been running around with a ‘Rasp Stitcher’ and boring everyone to death with what a great thing it is. None of us knows what a Rasp Stitcher does, but if he doesn’t leave everyone alone and get back to work it’ll take a medical procedure to retrieve that one so he can use it.

Tyrepliers is a good Aussie company which makes, predictably, a huge range of specialist tyre-changing clobber, and for anyone heading away from the cities, it’s good gear to know about.

The bead breaker is suitable for use on all 13″-19″ rims, alloy or steel, and both safety and split type rims. It weighs only 2.7 kilograms, is compact enough to be easily stored in a vehicle or tool kit, and is easily transported.

The Australian army evaluated these things and reckoned they were the bee’s knees. It’s military-grade shit!

They’re available from all sorts of 4WD and camping stores all over the place, or they can be bought from the Tyrepliers website. It looks like the price is around $185.

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