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TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

by admin

Bluetooth headphones are a bit of yawn these days. They all reckon they have great, wireless stereo sound, and the idea they’ll charge when they’re dropped in their case is getting pretty common too – although we like that feature a lot.

These TWS ones have auto on, auto pairing and auto off, and each earbud can be used independently if needed.

But there were two things about the TWS that caught our eye. The first is they’re only $49.

That’s insane, and we want to try them and see how they stand up against our squillion-dollar, noise-cancelling Bose jobbies with in-ear comfort padding and increased Fabulousness™. Bose sound gear rocks. And if it costs as much as a holiday in Byron Bay in December, well, that’s fair enough, we reckon.

The other thing that made us sit up and pay attention was the weight of the TWS earbuds. Apparently they’re a whopping 7.01kg.

Dear, or dear.

We’re guilty of the occasional typo, but that one’s a howler. We don’t know what the TWS earbuds weigh, but we’re pretty sure it’s not 7.01kg as shown on the pamphlet.

Typos aside, they’re a good-looking outfit at a great price. Grab a pair from a good ol’ Aussie post office.

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