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Turkey Shoot

by admin

Always searching for unique places to wakeskate, Brian Grubb hit the pristine Cleopatra’s Pool, a mineral-rich thermal bath in the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis near modern-day Denizli, Turkey.

Grubby and his team hauled in an electric winch and a length of concrete pipe which they placed to create a venue for some premium wakeskating action.

“The landing off the rail was pretty quick,” said Grubby. “You had to kind of hit the brakes pretty quick.”

Strangely, Grubbo didn’t mention the barnacled chunks of masonry just a few centimetres below the water’s surface, each ready to tear the night tools off any wakeskater unlucky enough to teabag his backside at the wrong time. We would’ve rated that as a biggish concern.

But that didn’t happen. Grubbsy dodged the blocks and saved his tackle.

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