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Tradies Up High

by admin

“Can you call me back in 20 minutes?” Bonham said. “I’m just about to jump off the side of a building.” It is an unusual response but then so too is Bonham’s profession.

When I called he was in the middle of pressure-washing windows suspended from two ropes off a 10-storey building, and that is not a ‘high’ job. There are times when he is hanging hundreds of metres off the ground attached to anything from giant signs to bridges, carrying out tasks as broad as painting to concrete blasting. For him, it is a simple day’s work. “I’ve jumped off that many buildings I don’t really think about it anymore,” he said.

When I first meet Stevens he also refers to jobs like constructing wind turbines in Antarctica and working in tower cranes as just another day at the office. He is not a normal mechanic, opting for challenging projects that take him off the ground. It seems activities that are hair-raising to most people have become second nature to these two.

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