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Tradies Skipping Breakfast – New research shows bad call

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Eat crap, feel crap. Yep, we’re all guilty of starting the day off wrong. Heck, sometimes we even miss our first meal of the day all-together, but as you’ll read below it’s not doing anyone any favours!

Aussie tradies apparently haven’t listened to their mums’ advice, with research showing that one in four (25%) of us skip three or more weekday breakfasts, well ahead of white collar workers at 16%.  Overall, more than half of working adults (56%) are skipping at least one weekday breakfast! Not on. Despite rating breakfast as their most important meal of the day, far too many people were making poor nutritional choices and skipping breakfast on their way to work, according to research conducted on behalf of Sunny Queen Farms among 1,000 Australian workers aged 18+.  Young adults or ‘Spring Chickens’ as we’d call ’em aged 18-34 years were making the biggest breakfast blunders with 66% skipping breakfast at least once a week in comparison to 45% of workers aged 50+



mmm…eggs – meet the Breggie Bake

Nutritionist Teresa Mitchell-Paterson said a nutritious breakfast is particularly important for blue-collar workers because of the physical nature of their work and their inability to snack as often as white collar workers.  “The most important factors in choosing an out-of-home breakfast food for blue collar workers were taste, and encouragingly, high protein,” she added. “This may explain why a bacon and egg roll was the typical and ideal weekday breakfast on the go of all workers – tradie or trader, male or female, aged 24 or 44.”  “It’s particularly popular among blue collar workers with more than a third (34%) choosing a bacon and egg roll, with a toasted sandwich (12%), eggs (10%), pie or sausage roll (7%) and donut or pastry (6%) rounding out their typical top five choices,” said Ms Mitchell-Paterson.  

“Empty calories in high kilojoule foods like pies and pastries are a fast track to that over the belt gut which is highly dangerous. An egg and bacon roll is a more nutritious option as it contains eggs, an ideal protein source, and 53% of blue collar workers are actively trying to eat protein,” she added. “An egg and bacon roll can be nutritious but a ‘typical’ one contains fried, fatty bacon, butter and barbecue sauce in a white bread roll.  That’s 3144 kjs and almost 50 grams of fat which is the total fat value for an entireday!” “Blue collar’s sometimes over-estimate the level of kilojoules they can eat because their jobs are so active.  The reality is that if they are already overweight, they really can’t afford these extra kilojoules,” said Ms Mitchell-Paterson.



According to Australian Dietary Guidelines, there is evidence that low rates of breakfast consumption are associated with an increased risk of overweight and obesity. Mr John O’Hara, Managing Director, Sunny Queen Farms said the food industry has a role to play in making more nutritious breakfast options available, particularly in outlets frequented by blue collar workers. “There is a commercial incentive to do this, with our research showing that for all workers, the availability of nutritious options was the most important factor in choosing a weekday breakfast outlet,” he said. “Tradies told us that bacon and eggs is what they want for breakfast, so we’ve been innovative in making bacon and eggs more nutritious and easy to eat while being realistic about balancing nutrition with taste.”

 “Breggie Bake has real eggs and bacon, but significantly less carbs, fat and kilojoules than the typical bacon and egg roll, as well as being gluten free. It’s a unique, tasty egg and bacon real breakfast on the go – an Australian first, with a Fetta and Spinach option also available.”


“Breggie Bake is accessible to early-rising tradies and commuters as it is available in outlets such as petrol and convenience stores and takeaways, so hopefully more Aussie workers will eat nutritious weekday breakfasts more often,” he added.

Breggie Bake as logo from presentationweb

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