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Tough Stuff: What’s Holding Tradies Back In 2019?

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The BizCover Small Business Bravery Index (2019) spoke to 600 small businesses, including 120 tradies, to get a pulse on their outlook for 2019.

The tradies said the top 3 things holding them back were price pressures from competitors, demand from customers and rising overhead costs.

Clearly, money troubles are top of mind for tradie businesses. While other business expenses might be on the rise, with BizCover you’ll find the cost of your business insurance won’t impact your bottom line. Just have a look at the BizCover SME Insurance Price Index to find out how you can avoid price increases on your business insurance.

What makes these tradies most confident about their business is their own product/service (53%), followed by their loyal customers (24%) and their brand (11.7%). Tradies (rightfully) have tickets on themselves when it comes to their business, as the reality is it’s their physical skill that brings home the bacon, making it important to protect their number-one asset.

What you might not know is that if you have Personal Accident & Illness Insurance, you could be covered for up to 85% of your income if you get crook and can’t work. While if your tools get nicked, it’s a good idea to have Portable Equipment Cover to help with the cost of replacing them.

To avoid the tough stuff and make insurance easy, visit www.bizcover.com.au or give one of BizCover’s business insurance gurus a call on 1300 920 871.

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