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TomTom Go Professional 620

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TomTom has given professional drivers what they asked for.

The amount of time lost getting from one job to another, or finding, and getting to, a supplier and back again can be really frustrating. And for professional drivers, especially in heavy vehicles, ensuring a route is free of low bridges, narrow streets or load-rated thoroughfares can be a nightmare. Worse, the time lost can make a severe cut to profits.

TomTom has the answer.

Why Go Professional?

The TomTom GO Professional 620 offers routes tailored to a specific vehicle, whether it’s a truck, coach, van, caravan or campervan. The user can input the vehicle’s dimensions, weight, cargo and maximum speed to get a personalised route which will help to avoid trouble on the road.

Even more, drivers can make use of their world-class routing technology. Being the leader in map and location technology, TomTom has over 27 years experience in making safe and efficient navigation for drivers. Combined this with a big data warehouse, which includes millions of logistical map data points like bridge heights and truck restrictions, TomTom delivers the best routing at any time of the day

Dedicated Pois

There are new points of interest specifically for large vehicles, such as fuel stations, parking, service centres, restaurants and more. They’re easy to see, being visible on the map, the route and through searching.

Tomtom Mydrive

TomTom MyDrive is designed to help you plan your day and drive more efficiently. It allows drivers to view real-time traffic conditions on the road, and plan their routes from their smartphone, tablet or PC before they get into their vehicle. The routes will then be sent wirelessly to their TomTom, so drivers can start driving straight away without wasting any time

Users can search addresses from the TomTom MyDrive app by typing in a destination or simply tapping on the map. Once a destination is selected, the user can choose the ‘Send to device’ option to immediately send the destination to the TomTom GO Professional 620. It will plan a route to the destination the next time it starts up in the vehicle.


Imagine how much time and frustration a unit like this could save?

From sending the apprentice to the nearest hardware store right through to a transcontinental B-double, the TomTom GO Professional can make a huge difference to a day, a trip and a profit margin.

For more information visit https://www.tomtom.com/en_au/drive/truck/

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