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Titleist PRP V1X Golf Balls

by editor

Golfers are an obsessive bunch. They won’t just grab any old ball and start hacking around the nearest nine holes hoping to do well. Only the most expensive, scientifically advanced and heavily marketed pills will do.

At the moment Titleist is leading the charge with the Pro V1X, a dimpled delight which, the company claims, offers ‘total performance and features longer distance, high trajectory, low long game spin, increased Drop-and-Stop™ greenside control and softer feel’.

Balls with dimples we understand, and a softer feel sounds good, but the rest of it is a bit beyond us. Mind you, the whole golf phenomenon is a bit beyond us. It seems like a waste of what look like excellent motocross tracks.

If it’s for you, grab a box of a dozen Pro V1X balls for around $76 from most pro shops and golf stores. They’re available in a high-viz colour as well, so they’d be ideal for setting up a putt-putt tournament on the work site.

Have a talk to the secretary of the clubs about it. Take a cup for your tee, and keep an eye on your ball bag.

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