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Things Are Getting Even Hotter At Hot Devil

by editor

If you hadn’t already heard, Hot Devil has the hottest blow torches in town. And the all-new HDUT Ultimate Blow Torch is no exception! This torch has been specifically designed to give you the ability to solder & heat shrink, loosen off rusted nuts & bolts, strip paint, as well as complete auto work, or even soft soldering and other more delicate jobs, not to mention getting the firepit roaring, all while offering an extremely comfortable large grip.

With a stainless-steel burner tube and anti-flare brass gas nozzle, you know this torch will do the job easily and safely. With the in-built easy-start auto ignition and adjustable gas flow feature, using this torch makes any job a breeze.

Operating on high-quality purified butane gas, the HDUT Ultimate Blow Torch provides a nice large flame with a burn temperature of up to 1350°C, which makes it ideal for the jobsite, workshop, campsite and a ‘must-have’ tool in the boot of the 4X4. Incredibly robust and user friendly, there is no job this hot new torch from Hot Devil cannot handle.

Visit www.hotdevil.com.au for more information.

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