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If you love nothing more than to hit the road on the weekend, and enjoy camping adventures with family and friends surfing, fishing, mountainbiking or firing up the dirt bike before spending nights sitting around the fire, Thetford has you covered.

Most blokes don’t mind roughing it a bit, but once you go down the road of a camper trailer, caravan or RV, there’s a whole new world of products that allow taking some of the comforts from home on the road.

This is where Thetford comes into the equation. On a recent Melbourne trip I visited Lisa Georgakis, Thetford’s Sales & Marketing Manager, to see first hand an impressive range of leisure products for those who love to get out and experience Australia.

For those new to camping and caravanning, Thetford is a global market leader and famous for being inventors of products like the Porta Potti and the Cassette Toilet.

With of fices around the globe and headquarters in the Netherlands, Thetford Australia has been up and running since 2006 and is positioned right in the middle of most of Australia’s biggest and best RV and caravan manufacturers in Melbourne. The impressive showroom is used for training, education, and showcasing the full range of Thetford products, including toilets, toilet-care products, refrigerators, cooking appliances and other accessories for RVs, campervans and caravans.


The Thetford range of Porta Potti toilets is an ideal modern toilet solution. Porta Pottis are great for comfort and luxury when using the bathroom out on the road, or when amenities aren’t available or desirable, and the range has seven different models to choose from. The clean and straightforward process of setting up and emptying the Porta Potti was demonstrated by Lisa, and it’s impressive to say the least.

My wife, like most of my friend’s wives, loves camping, but also requires facilities to be of a certain standard, and when you’re camping in national parks or in areas with no facilities, Porta Pottis keep everyone happy. Lisa shared, “The Porta Potti is a comfortable and durable portable toilet made up of two parts: the portable toilet itself and the removable waste-holding tank. A clever indicator lets you know when the tank needs to be emptied, and you can access and remove the waste-holding tank by unscrewing the tank below the toilet.

“Some of the features include modern design, improved carry handle of the waste tank, pour-out spout stop, integrated coverlock on all models for improved seating comfort, optional hold-down kits for fixing (in boats, for example) and Thetford’s standard 3-year warranty on all products.”

The chemicals used in the Porta Potti are an essential part of the equation, and Thetford supplies a great range of products that go hand in hand with these portable toilets. Products like Aqua Kem Green sachets, Aqua Kem Green Concentrated and Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated – just to name a few – have all been specifically designed by Thetford, not only to do an amazing job on cleaning and maintaining the Porta Pottis and Cassette Toilets, but also to ensure the longevity of the products.

The Porta Potti is a great product that could be used in a vast range of applications, from camping, road trips, boating and caravanning to weekend escapes.

If you are one of the ever-growing group of Australians who have, or are about to invest in, a caravan to explore Australia, make sure you check out Thetford’s full range and, where possible, insist on Thetford.

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