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The Strongest Roof Rack For Tradies

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A roof rack is a great alternative to a trailer for any tradie, especially in city traffic.

If you need to get your gear to the site, whether it be timber, ladders or plaster, Tradesman manufacture a solid fit-for-purpose roof rack.

Available for the majority of 4WD and commercial vehicles in use by tradies, Tradesman Roof Racks has designed and manufactured in Australia since 1978. These full-platform fabricated roof racks will meet the work environment needs and the specific tasks commercial and trade applications call for.

The offerings include steel and alloy, fabricated from either elliptical oval or square metal tubing designed to meet wind resistance. Tradesman flat deck platforms are some of the lowest clearance designs available on the market and they represent the best option for low-clearance city spaces.

Other options include open or closed ends, mesh floor, ladder rollers and a host of accessories and customisations.

Tradesman Roof Racks…they work just as hard on the weekend.

Find out about all offerings at http://www. tradesmanroofracks.com.au

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