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The Squiggle Visor

by admin

Our pals in the fashion world sure do some crazy shit…not as crazy as the people who buy it, but the craziness has to start somewhere, right?

There’s a pair of brothers in the US who came up with the idea of a length of wobbly plastic with arms which is worn on the nose like glasses…except they’re not glasses. In fact, they’re sold with the warning they may obstruct the wearer’s vision.

That didn’t stop the brothers selling out of the wonky wonders at US$65 a pair, though.

If you want to be laughed out of every pub and club in the Wide Brown Land, log on to bentelbrothers.com and preorder a pair from the next production run.

We’re still not sure this isn’t some kind of joke. There’s no information about construction or materials, and when we checked, Mr Squiggle didn’t even wear a visor.

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