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The New Diablo Nailkiller Auger Bits And Speedemon Spade Bits

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Diablo has accurately named its Auger Bits ‘NailKiller’ due to their impressive ability to rip through nailembedded timber like a hot knife through butter! Plus minimal tear-out, for cleaner holes.

Diablo claims its Auger Bits are standing up to 10x more nail hits than the competition due to a range of factors, but primarily due to the Dura-Tip technology; which is the same dura carbide technology that is producing amazing lifespan and quality on Diablo’s saw blades.

Other features on the Auger Bits include: a 2-step cutter for precise, clean holes; deep flutes for fast chip removal; a dual cuttingedge design for effortless, smooth, drilling in nail-embedded timber; and a quick-change shank for increased stability and durability in impact drivers and impact wrenches.

On the Spade Bit front Diablo has focused on fast and clog-free drilling in both hardwood and softwood.

You can tell just by looking at the Spade Bits how well they are going to perform, and when you squeeze the trigger on the drill you certainly aren’t disappointed. Features include an optimised, curved-paddle design which quickly removes chip build up, a selffeed speed tip which effortlessly pulls the bit through the timber, an angled-spur cutting edge which scores the wood for cleaner holes and reduced blowout, and an Impact Strong™ hex shank to deliver impressive strength.

Diablo Nailkiller Auger Bits have been designed to perform in both clean and nailembedded timber.

From our very first test the instant pull from the Dura-Tip was impressive. The bit really pulls in hard, then the two-step cutting action just slices its way through, producing stunning, clean holes.

The results were equally impressive in our nail-embedded test.

Auger Bits and nails generally don’t mix so well, and to be able to slice through the nails in our test piece of timber was a real eyeopener. I didn’t slow down on the trigger at all. I just let the Nailkiller rip through – which it did with ease.

But the really impressive thing was inspecting the bit after going through the nails. After ripping through 3 or 4 nail-embedded test pieces which were solidly stacked with 3 or 4 nails per test hole, the auger still looked good and worked well.

There were even slices of nail stuck to the blade edge!

I probably did go a little overboard with the number of nails I put in, but the auger did impressively well.

The Spade Bits were a joy to use. The way they sliced through the pine we used for our testing was beautiful.

The process was kind of therapeutic, it cut through so well. All edges were crisp and clean, and the time and effort which has gone into the R&D for these bits was well spent. As you can see from the images, chip removal is as impressive as the cutting capabilities of these bits.

We tested various sizes ranging from 18mm up to 30mm and enjoyed stunning results with every one we used.

The quality of both the Diablo Auger Bits and Spade Bits is undeniable.

The only thing as impressive as the quality of the performance and cutting seems to be the longevity of the cutting edges, which means these bits are going to have a long life on site – exactly what every tradie wants. So, if you have nail-embedded timber you need to penetrate for roughing in cables, conduits or other elements, the Diablo Nail Killer Auger Bits are the go. For those more refined holes in either softwoods or hardwoods, the Diablo Speedemon Spade Bits will get you out of trouble for sure, and will do it without clogging.

With a huge range of sizes in both these products you will have a pile of options for the perfect timber-drilling application.

Visit: www.diablotools.com.au

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