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The New Age Caravans Difference

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New Age Caravans wants every adventure you and your family embark on to be as safe as it is enjoyable. There are a number of ways New Age makes this possible. Whether it’s the Walkinshaw chassis, 7-post rig testing, BMPRO Sway Control, BMPRO Breakaway Control or Cruisemaster suspension systems, the caravans are designed to give you the peace of mind to travel wherever your imagination takes you.

Walkinshaw designed & engineered hotdip galvanised chassis form the backbone of every New Age caravan. Thanks to Walkinshaw, there are over 50 years of engineering experience that go into every chassis to provide unparalleled strength, durability and reliability. The chassis is robotically welded to ensure reliable and repeatable welds for every join and cross member. Additionally, the A-frame at the front of every chassis is rolled, not welded. Where some chassis are made from two parts where the body and the A-frame are welded together, the Walkinshaw chassis is a single continuous frame that provides greater durability and structural integrity. Every Walkinshaw chassis New Age Caravans are built on is ADR62 compliant, meaning i t meets the highe s t compl i anc e regulations in the market and offers a safer product for you and your family.

The 7-post rig has been used in the automotive industry for decades and has proved to be a vital tool in testing for major automotive manufacturers all over the world. Thanks to Walkinshaw, New Age Caravans has exclusive access to the only 7-post rig in Australia. It means being able to simulate over 20,000km of travel in hours instead of months, giving valuable data on how New Age products perform in various testing simulations.

In addition to the chassis and testing, New Age ’vans have safety accessories installed providing active and passive safety measures to ensure a safe and hassle-free journey. BMPRO Sway Control is a proactive electronic stability control system that automatically corrects any dangerous sway caused by instances such as sudden changes in road conditions, driver error or strong lateral winds. The BMRPO Breakaway control system can bring your caravan safely to a stop should it accidentally become uncoupled from your vehicle. In addition, BMPRO also has systems to provide in-vehicle monitoring to keep an eye on critical information using tyre-pressure gauges and caravan-levelling indicators.

On top of these accessories, all New Age caravans come with a fire blanket, fire extinguisher, and a first-aid travel pack to ensure you’re covered no matter what happens on your next adventure.

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