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The Little Brazilian Battler

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Adriano De Souza

Introducing the newly crowned men’s surfing World Champion

Words by Chris Binns | Images by Red Bull Content Pool

Adriano De Souza

Portugal aerial – Trevor Moran – Red Bull Content Pool

Adriano De Souza is the least popular world surfing champion Down Under in years. Sadly that’s more of a reflection on us than the kid from São Paulo.

It’s a classic underdog story: a child born into a struggling family discovers a talent for surfing, uses it as a vehicle to escape life on the breadline, is eventually crowned champion of the world.

If only it were that simple for Adriano De Souza. What if your finest moment ruined the fairy tale finish of a nation’s favourite son, ruined a world title that would have been the true Hollywood ending to one of the most harrowing years a sportsman has ever endured?

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Adriano De Souza

Adriano kisses the silverware – Fabio Piva – Reb Bull Content Pool

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