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The Fastest Ways To Toughen Up Your UTE

by admin

Everyone loves a good-looking work vehicle. Here’s a few tips on getting yours catching eyes, turning heads and ready for workdays and weekends.

Dual-Battery Systems

Ever in need of extra batter y power for tools or lighting? Why not add a dual-battery system? A good auxiliary battery system is useful for all kinds of things: powering camping lights, tools, 12v appliances and accessories that can turn your rig into a self-suf ficient home-away-from-home or mobile workshop. These days there’s a variety of batter y frames and battery-management devices available to create a neat and tidy batter y system which is ea sy to monitor.

Bull Bar

One of the largest and most important big-ticket items you can add to toughen up the front of your 4WD ute is a bull bar. It’s an essential accessory for any kind of on-road, off-road or worksite vehicle usage. A bull bar protects your vehicle’s vitals and allows you to travel to challenging off-road destinations like the Australian Outback. Once you’ve had your bull bar fitted you can install a range of extras for added toughness and protection, including underbody guards, along with side and rear bars if you would like to go for the ultimate vehicle protection solution.

Trays and Canopies

Possibly the most useful accessories you can add in the way of storage are at the rear of your vehicle, in the form of a ute tray with toolboxes or tub canopy and drawer system. These options provide durable storage space that adds protection to your ute and its cargo. For the worksite you may like to consider a good-quality tray setup with lockable trundle drawers and toolboxes which can take a bit of punishment. If it’s getting away for the weekend with your family and friends that tickles your fancy, maybe a style side tub with a canopy and drawer system is more to your liking.

Suspension Systems

If you decide to go all out with external and internal accessories you may want to consider a suspension-system upgrade. This is crucial to maximising so many elements of your vehicle: load-carrying, towing ability, overcoming obstacles and generally improving ride, comfort and handling on- and off-road. While OEM suspension has come on in leaps and bounds in recent times, you can still improve the overall feel of your vehicle with a good-quality suspension system or GVM upgrade.

Aftermarket Lighting

Whether you’re planning to drive, work or party through the night, a good quality lighting setup is essential. Lighting comes in many forms – driving lights, light bars, work lights – with each designed to suit different applications in an aim to make your activity simpler and safer. If it’s close-proximity lighting you’re after, for example when you’re setting up camp or working in enclosed spaces, generally speaking the more lumens the better. Flood beam reflectors coupled with a high-lumen output will give you a decent flood of light. For long-distance lighting, like night-time driving, it’s all about the lux rating at a certain distance. There’re a few ways to achieve this objective, either via projection lenses in front of, or good quality beam reflectors surrounding, your light source.

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