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The Bracketeer Universal Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket

by admin

Do you lie awake at night fretting that the fire-extinguisher bracket in your car is simply not up to snuff? Do you suffer anxiety attacks when considering an important item of safety equipment may be cradled in a holder of inferior design?

Us neither.

Still, if that was a matter of concern for you, the Bracketeer Universal Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket could quench your burning lust for fire-extinguisher security.

It’s a patented, universal, adjustable bracket that can be fitted between the seat rails of your vehicle, either by using the clamping mounts or through the holes direct to the seatmounting bolts. It’s constructed of grade-50 A572 steel and supplied with all stainless-steel fasteners and hex keys necessary for quick installation in around 10 minutes.

It sounds a bit like a fire-extinguisher bracket from IKEA.

The publicity material claims over 20,000 of these things have been sold and reckons they’re the best thing since Betamax video. It’d be ideal for mum’s Camry, just in case she dropped her durry on the carpet on the way to lawn bowls.

To join the bracket racket, log on to thebracketeer.com.au, fork over $99 and wait for the postie to deliver.

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