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The Best Just Got Better!

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While the original oxy kit from Hot Devil has been a staple of its range for some time, the new Hot Devil Oxy-Force Blow Torch Kit is even better, and a ‘must-have’ tool for any workshop.

With the addition of gas and oxygen flow control valves on the lance, the Oxy-Force Blow Torch Kit couldn’t be easier to use (and lighting it is now a breeze). This new feature also allows you more significant burn time from your gas and oxygen cylinders.

Powered by a mix of Trade Map Gas and compressed oxygen, the Oxy-Force Blow Torch Kit by Hot Devil provides a burn temperature of almost 3000°C – 2926°C to be exact – making it ideal for a multitude of jobs, whether in the workshop or out on site. With the ability to solder copper pipes over 20mm in diameter, weld and braze various metals, or even get through up to 3mm mild-steel plates, the Hot Devil Oxy-Force Blow Torch Kit does it all with ease.

The kit includes a lightweight metal cylinder stand, a 1.4m-long hose kit complete with solid-brass valve fittings and a 1.2mm pin-point burner tip. Also included are an oxygen cylinder and a Trade-Map Gas cylinder, as well as a hand sparker with spare flint.

Expensive bottle rentals can be a drain on your business, especially if you only use them occasionally, not to mention the time lost moving them around the site, up ladders, under houses, etc. With the light weight and portability of the Hot Devil Oxy-Force Blow Torch Kit, this problem is solved.

For more information on the improved Hot Devil Oxy- Force Blow Torch Kit, or to view other products in the range, please visit www.hotdevil.com.au

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