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The 10 Golden Rules of a Fun 4WD Trip

by admin
Sand driving

4WD trips should be enjoyable and fun for everyone involved, so here’s a few pointers to make sure they stay that way.

Words Ron and Viv Moon

 Sand driving

I’m going to assume you have a vehicle that is at least roadworthy and not a complete shitbox that would be more appropriate at a rubbish tip, or at the very best as a ‘paddock basher’. So, if you’re wheels pass that test, then let’s look at how we can make the rest of the trip a breeze.

#1. Do a 4WD Driving Course

If you are new to four wheel driving, it’s best to do a 4WD driving course. I know none of us like to be told we need to do a driving course, especially after years of driving a normal car, but just buying a 4WD doesn’t mean you can drive one safely or even, very well.

#2. You Need Some Recovery Gear


A basic recovery kit should be in your vehicle whenever you head offroad. These consist of a snatch strap and a few D or bow shackles.
Still, I reckon a mate in his own 4WD vehicle is the best recovery option you have. Just make sure he doesn’t end up bogged with you! And, after he has recovered you, it’ll probably cost you a stubby or two.

#3. Leave Your Ego at Home

Recovery gear

While you are packing your truck with the maps, recovery gear, eski (for the food of course), and some sleeping gear whether that’s a swag or a tent, one thing to leave behind is your ego. Most of us have a good dose of self-confidence, but at times a healthy over active ego can get in the way of sensible decision making.

You don’t want a disaster to happen in whatever form it takes. That can be a simple bogging on a soft beach where there is a race against time and tide, a miscalculation on a steep hill, leading to a roll over, or too-deep-a-water crossing which can be expensive in more ways than one. Ooh, we’ve all been there! For myself, more times than I can remember, but as many of us say, if you haven’t been bogged you haven’t been four wheel driving.

7 More Golden Rules to Go!

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