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Taylormade Myspiderx Putter

by admin

For those having trouble controlling their balls, TaylorMade offers this putter that can be personalised in a squillion different ways. You can choose colour, sightline, weights, different hosels, and short-slant, single-bend or flow-neck designs.

You can even choose a grip colour. Construction features include a heavy, 320g frame with extreme perimeter weighting and a lightweight, 15g, carbon-composite sole.

Ah, sole!

A redesigned head with a 30% heavier steel frame to minimise twisting and redesigned weight ports (2g, 6g or 12g) allow personalisation of feel and stability.

What’s a hosel? Is that like a tubel or a pipel?

Someone let us know.

The MySpiderX goes for around $420, and you can get one at most major golf retailers. Make sure you wear your silliest clothes when you go to the store. Golfers like that kind of thing.

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